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MIUR-funded Project (2019-2021) in the context of ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems (SES)


KiRa Technology is delighted to obtained a prestigious funding award under the ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems (SES) funding call for 2019. This 24-month research project, with Irish partners GlasPort Bio, aspires to make a virtuous loop in the swine industry, recycling bio-waste through innovative pathways of treatment to significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions ad to generate electrical and thermal energy.


GlasPort Bio's natural and novel antimicrobial agent is used to treat pig waste in-situ to reduce methane production over 98% (based on preliminary trials with cattle slurry). KiRa Technology novel BioGS micro-CHP system will use treated waste to produce electrical and thermal energy. The process also has the added benefit of generating biochar: valuable charcoal used in agriculture and useful as soil improver.


Circular economy with greatly reducing GHG emissions from pig waste in a cost-effective, widely implementable manner which is effective against all microorganisms and produce energy from a renewable source. KiRa Technology micro-CHP exhibits high automation, adaptability, accurate combustion control, low environmental impact with carbon sequestration of 0.1 kg every kg of input biomass and CO2 emissions reduction of 0.3 kg per kg of input biomass.


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